Peace Mandalas Created By Corinna Lyon

'Mandala' is a Sanskrit word that means both ‘center’ and ‘circumference’. The mandala, as an art form, has appeared throughout history. Ancient rock carvings in Africa, North America and Europe use circular designs.  The circle has been part  of the creation myths, helps orient us to  the four directions, and symbolizes the wonders and rhythms of nature. 

Many religious rituals begin with the establishment of a sacred circle.  The mandala is a central emblem of Buddhism.  Its circular form and concentric structure reflect the shape of the Universe outside  and the sense of perfection within.   Medieval European churches often incorporated mandalas in windows and floor designs. 

The mandalas created by Corinna Lyon use symbols and words from many world traditions.  Some of the words for peace from countries that presently greatly need peace are:

Hebrew “Shalom” 

Arabic “Salaam” 

Hindi “Shanti” 

Russian “Mir” 

Aramaic “Shlama” 

Chinese “P’ing” 

Tibetan, Korean and Urdu

Corinna also uses the Earth, dolphins, dragons, hearts and flames; healing hands with spirals, Sanskrit and Tibetan  “OM”, and the Wisdom Eyes of Buddha; lotus and cloud motifs, Sufi Winged Heart, Eye of Horus, Arabic “Allah”, and Chinese for :”One Earth”, “Heaven on  Earth”, “Love”, “Harmony”, “Beauty”, and  “White Light”. 

Mandalas are not only visually beautiful, but are also calming and relaxing, and can even be healing.  They are perfect for home, and for therapists or healers to hang in offices and waiting rooms. They offer a welcome attention diversion from computer screens, and they are beneficial in a meditation room. 



The beautiful colors and concentric designs of all the mandalas will attract chi and energize any sector of the bagua that you want to focus on. If ceiling/wall corners in a room are dim or empty, a mandala print can be folded to fit the corner adding harmony and beauty. See instructions on how to fold and cut the print to fit a 3D corner.



Hang a mandala near your computer screen for visual relief. You will find your gaze lingers and delights in the patterns and colors. Hang a mandala in the health sector of the bagua in your house, or in the bathroom or where you can see it from the bed. Hang a mandala in your office/work place, waiting room, in your car.........wherever you intentionally hang a piece of healing art, positive chi will be attracted to that area of your life.



Peace mandalas can be a meditational aid. The mandala is a central emblem of Buddhism. Its circular form and concentric structure reflect the shape of the Universe outside and the sense of perfeaction within. Hang a mandala in your sitting area so that you can focus on it.

Instructions for folding a Mandala into a 3D corner

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